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Aqua Massage PT is a form of dry hydrotherapy. It uses water jets to propel pressure to the body.  These 36 water jets provide a “3D” massage on all three sides of the body. You can lay face up or down. 


The benefits of aqua massage include:

  • Increased blood circulation

  • Increased range of motion

  • Decreased inflammation and muscle tension

  • As well as increased endorphins. 


Important Information:

  • There is a cover that lies over the top of your body so that you do not get wet or have to change clothing; you can remain fully clothed.

  • The water pulse frequency can be independently adjusted separately to control each clients needs for pain relief or relaxation.

  • You can pause at any area of your body.

  • The spray bar travels up and down the length of the entire body, but can be adjusted to target one specific area.

  • The water temperature can be adjusted from approximately 80°F to 104°F using the electronic thermostat, making water warmer.







For more information on the Aqua Massage PT, visit

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